Hello and Namaste!

As we all have dreams, fear, families, hope, loneliness, optimism, hunger……. ,

A 7.9  earthquake in the  Nepali  year 2072, ( 25th  april  2015) hit Nepal and the Nepali people badly. It was not just once or twice, there were more than 400 + aftershocks above 4 rector scale.

It stopped our dreams, bring more and more fear, many people lost their family members, many people lost their hope, people felt  even more loneliness,  more difficult  about what to expect  and people lost their grains and property, many people  worried about their food.

It is sadly enough that 8856 people died with victims all over Nepal. Out of 8856 people, 679 people died from Dhading. Many people were injured.

If we say it in short, it gives us the feeling like we were like birds in bad weather, in the middle of clouds, didn’t know what to do and where to go? So, it’s still a fear, even to think of it again.

After all, we experienced and confirmed one thing, which is Humanity.

Humanity this time came also from  very very far,  it brought for those birds food, nests and  social security. Thanks to each and everyone of you, for  participation, for the wonderful

“ karma “ , with your great heart, with your  great work ……………..

With your support more than 700 families got a roof and food, clothes, some of them they could go to hospital, schools are going to get new classrooms,  and more…

Now it’s a new year 2073 for Nepal. We believe that the bad year 2072 is gone. We are happily looking forward for the betterment. It has been some time that we have no aftershocks.  Help us to respect the earth, to respect the humanity ,  for no more victims and for the humanity of sharing experiences,  which will bring us happiness !

Lots of love with respect

Ilse, Shiva and on the name of the People from Dhading !

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